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Rose McGowan's Dog Steals Her Underwear

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Rose McGowan’s 2-year-old Pomeranian leads a charmed life.

Not only is Sasquatch one of the apples of her eyes (the Conan the Barbarian star also has a Boston terrier named Happy), but she manages to get away with everything, too.

“Sasquatch isn’t really great with toes. She likes to bite my toes and my hands and steal my underwear,” McGowan told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s InStyle Summer Soiree in West Hollywood. “Happy is [better behaved].”

Happy, 11, and McGowan found each other two years ago. McGowan’s Boston terrier Fester had recently died, and her beloved first Boston, Bug, was not doing well. So McGowan turned to the Boston Brigade rescue and adopted Happy.

“I got him because I knew Bug wanted to die, and it was like she didn’t want to leave me without knowing I would be taken care of,” McGowan tells Modern Dog in its summer issue. “It gave her peace, or something.”

When Bug died last June, McGowan decided to rescue Sasquatch, a mini-Pomeranian who once belonged to a hoarder. Sasquatch, Happy and McGowna are all better off together.

“They’re my best friends and they’ll like you no matter what,” McGowan told PEOPLE after showing off photos of her dogs on her phone. “And usually if you’re out in the big scary world, they’re the happiest thing to come home to.”

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