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Robert Pattinson Covers Vanity Fair –with an Alligator!

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He plays a vampire Adonis and rescues puppies. Now, on the cover of Vanity Fair’s latest issue, Robert Pattinson wears an alligator around his neck – after having wrassled it, perhaps? We couldn’t expect any less from the Twilight star, who we’ve seen manage to escape near-riots among his fans.

The photo, shot by Annie Leibovitz, accompanies a profile of the actor, and lays out his affection for animals, especially Tai, his pachyderm costar in Water for Elephants.

“She was the best actor I ever worked with in my life,” Pattinson says. “I cried when the elephant was wrapped [finished filming]. I never cried when anyone else was wrapped.”

Soulful, good-looking … and not afraid to shed a few tears? Those riots aren’t about to let up anytime soon.

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