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Rob Lowe Takes His Love for Animals to the Small Screen

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He already loves Parks and Recreation, and now Rob Lowe is adding “wildlife rescue” to his growing list of interests.

As part of Procter & Gamble’s Dawn Saves Wildlife campaign, the Golden Globe nominee will be narrating a documentary web series called The Big Picture, highlighting the rescue efforts of the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue, which saves wildlife from oil spills using Dawn dish soap.

You might be wondering: What does the actor have to do with animals? Actually, leading a charitable life has been on Lowe’s agenda since he was 15.

“My first big trip to New York City, I won the $10,000 Pyramid – it was so long ago TVs were still in black and white – and I donated all of [my winnings] to the Cleveland Amory Fund for Animals.”

In fact, the self-professed dog lover participates in a mass annual canine rescue where he helps hundreds of pups find homes – and often takes some “stragglers” for himself. And he’s not alone in his passion for pooches.

Lowe recalls one day when “I was coming home from the airport and my wife, who’s a lunatic, said ‘Pull over at the pound, I want to adopt a dog.’”

The family’s most recent adoption was two weeks ago – they welcomed an Italian greyhound to their brood – expanding their menagerie’s talent pool.

According to Lowe, one of his pups, David, can “speak”; another swims laps in the pool; and a third shares Lowe’s calling for the ocean.

“He surfs and has his personal surfboard. Clearly I have way too much time on my hands,” Lowe jokes.

But luckily, he’s used that free time for good. Click below to get a first look at The Big Picture, featuring some adorable ducklings and Lowe’s narration.