Amy Jamieson
May 09, 2017 04:29 PM

Joey and J’aime have more in common than you think.

Besides the obvious flow of their names, both are orphans residing at South Africa’s Rhino Orphanage.

Joey was rejected by his mother after his birth a few days ago, J’aime is an orphan who survived horrific stab wounds in a poaching attack.

Clearly, both could use a little TLC — and for the moment, they’ve found that with each other.

According to a post shared on the Rhino Orphanage’s Facebook page, the pair have been hanging out OTR, and photos documenting their friendship are, for lack of a better word, bleating adorable.

“Sheep and goats are often used as companion animals so it was fitting that Joey would be the perfect companion for J’aime,” says the post. “J’aime is the youngest rhino at the orphanage at the moment so unfortunately she is too small to go in with our other rhinos.”

These two unlikely pals bonded fast and have been spending quality time together.

“Joey and J’aime have already become friends,” says the Facebook post, “and enjoy going out for their daily walks together.”

Click here to learn how to adopt a rhino via The Rhino Orphanage’s website.

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