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REVIEW: Nootie Turns Your Pooch into a Sweet Smelling Bouquet

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I have a confession to make. I liked Nooties’ new Sweet Pea & Vanilla spritz for dogs so much that I sprayed it on my sweater before running out for work one morning. It’s that good. But how does my dog like it? I was concerned the inviting, sweet smell of Nootie was going to have my 5-year-old Wheaten terrier trying to lick it off her fur, but she was completely unfazed.

Now, I too am unfazed by the backyard dirt romps that are sure to come this summer. Nootie Shampoo & Daily Spritz is a new weapon for my arsenal. And while it didn’t make Zoey like taking a bath any better, it did make her smell positively yummy and look fabulously fluffy (after a nice blow-out)!

The shampoo and spritz fit together nicely in a too-cute, connected bottle available in three other scents: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Warm Vanilla Cookie and Cucumber Melon ($19.99). Dreaded bathtime went by quickly for Zoey since the shampoo lather got nice and sudsy and was easily rinsed out from her fur.

The shampoo and spritz won’t interfere with your topical flea and tick treatment either, a bonus for the summer months – but be sure to avoid contact with your pet’s eyes because it is not tear-free. Another downside is that the spritz does wear off quickly, so it should be applied every day for best results. It was a bummer that the 4-oz. spritz ran out long before the 12-oz. bottle of shampoo–as the saying goes, good things often come in small packages.

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