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REVIEW: No Bath Time Struggle with TrueBlue's All-Natural Pet Wipes

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My miniature pinscher pup Rocco hates nothing more than getting in our bathtub (not even passing city buses or barking Shih Tzus!). He even shirks when passing by the bathroom in our home on a daily basis. So I rely on wet wipes to clean the sidewalk grime and the bacteria from the dog park off Rocco – which means I’ve become somewhat of an expert in no-fuss dog bathing.

It also means that Rocco has experienced the downside to a lot of these wipes – most on the market dry his skin with harsh ingredients like soaps and alcohol. That’s why I was ecstatic to try TrueBlue’s all-natural grooming wipes. They’re pH-balanced, tear-free and made from botanical ingredients, and come in Safe and Sure Eye Wipes, Super Easy Ear Wipes and – what’s become my absolute favorite – Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes.

With the dental wipes, I can softly scrub Rocco’s teeth and gums without the fear of injuring him with a toothbrush–and he loved the taste. While rubbing his hind teeth, Rocco would gnaw on the wipe, actually aiding the cleaning process of eliminating the plaque and residue from his molars. (When was the last time you heard of a dog wanting to get his teeth polished?)

The wipes are round, fit perfectly in your palm and boast the sweetest aromas, from lavender and cucumber and parsley and peppermint to lemon and marigold. They’re also human-grade quality and alcohol-free, so they don’t leave your hands dry from the solution.

“Our philosophy at TrueBlue is to draw upon nature and science,” says founder Doug Gleason, who donates a portion of TrueBlue sales to WSU People-Pet Partnership, which researches how humans and animals bond.

The company offers a wide range of products that are free of detergents, harsh soaps, alcohol, parabens and phosphates. They also have shampoos (one is even specifically formulated for puppies!), conditioning creams and a detangling spray for longhaired pooches.

Now, if TrueBlue could sell a larger wipe that would clean Rocco’s entire body between baths, we’d be one happy duo.

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