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REVIEW: Durable Plush Toys That Will Live to See Another Day

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Rip, rip, rip and it’s R.I.P. for your dog’s new toy. Who hasn’t watched their normally sweet and loving pooch turn into a vicious killer when faced with the chance of tearing through a stuffed toy? Well, one ingenious inventor, clearly sick of picking up fluff and toy remains from his home, has come up with the Crazy Critters – plush toys with no filling. So rip as hard as they may, there’s nothing to pull out.

But, what if that saps all the fun? My pug Sadie is a devoted plush toy lover – no rubber squeaky toys allowed in our abode. But how would she react to the thinner and very long body of her raccoon Critter? While she didn’t spend as much time gnawing on it or begging to play fetch with it as other toys, she immediately wanted to play tug – and then didn’t tire of playing endless tug with it. We even tested the toy with our houseguest for the weekend – our friends’ tireless Boston Terrier Olive. While Olive gutted several toys immediately upon arrival, the Crazy Critter stayed almost totally intact (one eye went missing). And we even got the dogs to amuse themselves by playing tug with each other – Sadie at the tail and Olive at the head.

Would I buy more Crazy Critters? Absolutely. While the novelty of draping the fox around Sadie’s shoulders like an old lady’s stole might wear off, watching her gleefully play tug with no fluffy insides to clean up definitely won’t.

Buy Crazy Critters for $10 on their website.

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