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Report Finds Male Pets Are More Likely to Break Your Stuff, Probably Out of Boredom

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Hide your tablets, hide your laptops and hide your cellphones, because your pets are out there and they are bored.

SquareTrade, a protection plan provider for electronics, recently released its aptly-named Pet Break Stuff Damage Report, which takes a look at what devices pets are breaking and how they are destroying them. 

While TV, tablets, game consoles and laptops are all victims to pet carelessness, it’s smart phones that see the brunt of the damage, with 59% of SquareTrade users polled for the report saying their pets have destroyed at least one phone.

As for the offenders themselves, it turns out males are a little more mischievous than females. Males made up 63% of the tech wreckers, 55% of the culprits were small in size and 58% were middle-aged. So if you have a male Chihuahua that’s around 7 years old, watch out!

Curiosity will kill your gadgets: 63% of responders described their pets as curious and 73% said they believe their pet was bored when they “accidentally” destroyed their stuff.

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In regards to how the deed was done, most owners (59%) said their gadget was chewed up by a pet, knocked off a high place came second (19%) and liquid spilled on it came in third (10%).

Overall, these numbers add up to pets damaging an average of 3.3 devices per owner. So keep your phone in your pocket, and maybe think about getting your furry friend a few food puzzles to keep them occupied.