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Refined Pooches Rejoice! Martha Stewart Launches Pets Line

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It was only a matter of time before Martha Stewart extended her empire all the way to the doghouse.

The domestic doyenne and animal lover has always been a beacon of homestead elegance and problem-solving. Now with the help of PetSmart, she has just launched a new line of pet products that are exactly what you would expect from any Martha Stewart product: classic, practical and lovely to behold in all the glory that is robin’s egg blue.

The new goodies, which debuted June 29 at PetSmart stores and online, include the basics – collars, leashes, bowls and beds – but also a few welcome surprises, like a toy storage bin ($9.99), bathing pitcher ($9.99), doggie daycare kit ($16.99) and massager brush ($11.99). A hand-crafted crochet squeak toy ($9.99) in the shape of a little chicken is even cute enough to show off on a bookshelf or in a baby room – but it would probably be just as happy to fulfill its destiny inside a dog’s slobbery mouth, too.

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