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Record Naps, Meals and Memories with Moleskine Cat Journals

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Don’t be fooled by your cat’s cool as a cucumber demeanor – he’s a really busy guy. He’s got to eat at least twice a day, bathe himself, and block out enough time for a solid afternoon nap. We, as pet parents, owe it to our cat to help him stay on a schedule.

Moleskine’s new Cat Journals are here to get your cat organized. The covers of the new line of notebooks ($19.95), which launched in March, are imprinted with sleek silhouettes of different cat breeds while the inside is a treasure trove of kitty structure (and information, like what various tail positions mean!).

Use the “Cat Log” to record playtime, naptime and mealtime. Another chart organizes more meals (hey, cats like to eat!), grooming, and daily activities (i.e., sitting on the laundry pile). A special “Care” section helps you keep up with your cat’s vaccinations. Best of all is the “Personality” chapter, the place to write about your cat’s unique habits, skills and memorable cuddles.

Pass the book around to your family members and have each of them write down their own observations as a keepsake.

Your cat will love all the special attention and never forget to carve out time for catnip!

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