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Rare, Deeply Upsetting 'Goblin Shark' Caught Off Gulf of Mexico

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Frankly, we don’t find Jaws all that scary anymore … now that we know something like this exists.

Photos of a rare – and terrifying – species of shark known as the goblin shark have surfaced, and now we don’t think we’ll ever sleep again.

Incredibly, this is only the second member of this species ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico. The man behind the catch is Georgia fisherman Carl Moore, 63, whose first thought after discovering the shark in his shrimp net was, “Man, he’s ugly! Looks prehistoric to me,” according to CNN. Moore estimates the shark was 18-20 feet long.

Dr. John Carlson, a research biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, called Moore’s catch a “pretty important find.” “We don’t know a lot about deep water fauna,” he added.

Moore, for his part, released the shark after photographing it. “Anything that’s alive we try to put back in the ocean,” he said, a courtesy we hope the goblin shark would extend to him if their positions were ever reversed. (We doubt it, though.)

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