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Cute Pets

Adorable Lil' Bunny Becomes Honorary Member of NYPD Mounted Unit


Source: NYPD Special Ops/Twitter

Generally, when New Yorkers picture the NYPD’s mounted unit, they’re thinking of the giant horses the police department typically uses to corral massive crowds at parades and events like New Year’s Eve in the city.

But the Special Operations mounted unit recently added a new recruit, and it’s a little out of the ordinary: Bandit, a white cottontail rabbit who recently wandered onto the rink where the mounted unit trains.

After successfully corralling the little guy, the unit took to Twitter to find a name for him.

The public, perhaps moved by the rabbit’s black rings around his eyes — to say nothing of his ocean-blue eyes themselves — went with “Bandit.”

Oddly enough, Bandit is the second rabbit to join the mounted unit of the NYPD, despite the fact that rabbits do not make very good mounts. The first one’s name? Miss Demeanor.

Great job with this, everyone. You can take the day off now.