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Quick Hits: A Self-Proclaimed 'Ferret Freak,' Plus: Hope for Arthritic Pets

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These stories are worth a click:

* Self-described Utah “ferret freak” runs a rescue group called Ferret Cubby. She takes in animals from recession victims, has adoption events at Petco and her car sports a bumper sticker that says: “My ferret is smarter than your honor student.” –

* Wildlife watchers outnumber hunters 6 to 1 but wildlife agencies spend their money on attracting and creating new hunters. – Wayne Pacelle

* New York housing authority bans certain breeds and lowers its weight limit to from 40 to 25 pounds. – New York Daily News

* Raccoon roundworm, a rare disease spread through droppings, has seriously injured two New York City youths, blinding a teen in one eye and causing brain damage in a baby. – Huffington Post

* Former racehorse owner Madeleine Pickens now works to save wild horses with an ambitious sanctuary after realizing her former horses could have ended up slaughtered. – New York Times

* The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center hopes two wee cubs become spokesmen for the plight of wolves in the wild after the species was taken off the Endangered Species list. – Colorado Springs Gazette

* Stem cell treatment offers hope for arthritic pets. –