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Pups Go Nuts for Doggy Yogurt

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Gourmet frozen yogurt for dogs? What’s next, canine caramel machiattos? Turns out a fancy new treat called Yoghund is actually pretty good for your pooch–it’s organic, low in calories and contains “good bacteria” that helps digestion and boosts the immune system. That’s all well and good, but does it fool dogs into thinking they’re feasting on Ben & Jerry’s?

To find out, I convened a panel of five taste experts–my Maltese, Yorkie Terrier, Shih Tzu and two Chihuahuas, no strangers to pricey but ultimately indigestible doggie treats. I set out five slightly defrosted cups of banana and peanut butter (their only other flavor so far is blueberry and vanilla) and waited for my discriminating guys to take a few sniffs and turn tail.

Instead they went wild for the stuff, slurping away for a good 10 minutes (and licking their chops for another 10 after that). That it takes them a while to polish it off is a big plus–I felt like my pups were actually savoring it, the same way their daddy savors, say, a pint of Chunky Monkey. At around $10 for four small cups, it’s not an everyday dessert. But since it packed a taste wallop–and caused no upset stomachs!–I’m sure my experts would agree this fro-yo is “Hunderful.”