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Puppy Face-Off! Who Has the Cutest Sleeping Frenchie?

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Three sleeping French bulldogs, three times the cute! Now, for the hard part – which one is the cutest?

On Monday this week, Hugh Jackman Tweeted a photo of his Frenchie, Dali, getting his beauty sleep in a sunny spot. “Just another tough Monday…” Jackman wrote.

Two days later, another famous French bulldog’s sleeping mug popped up on Twitter, this time thanks to Mario Lopez, who showed his fans a picture of his pup, Julio. “The Champ catching a nap,” Lopez wrote of his show dog. “Julio had a rough weekend. Being #1 can be draining! Another show soon.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Dancing With the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer posted a photo of her French bulldog, Bijou, seemingly smiling while being transported to the land of dreams. “Bijou sleeping makes me laugh!” she wrote.

They’re all so irresistible, but there can only be one winner. Tell us:

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