Amy Jamieson
November 09, 2016 03:47 PM

A perfect puppy that was rescued following a 6.6 magnitude earthquake near Norcia, Italy, last month has a new home and a new job.

He’s been adopted by the firefighters that saved him from the rubble, and they plan to train him as a fire service dog.

According to, which reported the story, the collie — now named Terremoto or “Earthquake” — was reunited with his “grateful” owners but given back to the rescuers to train.

Apparently, the fluffy black and white pooch is already being fussed over at his new gig. An update shared on the ENPA Onlus animal welfare group’s Twitter feed on Wednesday, showed the pup donning an adorable blue sweater and being kissed by a lucky visitor.

While the ENPA has helped almost 1,000 animals following the disaster, reported there was one animal casualty. One unlucky pup died after being freed from the rubble.

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