Amy Jamieson
February 06, 2016 12:49 AM

Vet techs and assistants worked past midnight on Feb. 1 to help one very lucky girl.

The pup, now named Arrow, was shot in her back with an arrow in Saskatchewan, Canada, and is being called the “luckiest dog in the world” after it was revealed that the arrow narrowly missed her spinal cord.

“Arrow is considered the luckiest dog in the world! The arrow missed her spinal cord by 9 millimeters! There are broken pieces of vertebrae floating around still, so not out of the woods yet,” reads a post on the Facebook page of the CC RezQs Regina rescue, who is caring for the dog. “Vet team was able to clean a lot of hair and ‘gunk’ out of the large wound, and run a drain all the way through from the entry wound to the exit wound.”

UPDATE:See latest post for full updateArrow is considered the luckiest dog in the world! The arrow missed her spinal…

Posted by CC RezQs Regina on Monday, February 1, 2016

Following removal of the arrow by the team at TM’z veterinary clinic, the pup is now comfortably recuperating in a foster home and on kennel rest for the next few weeks.

“Arrow is doing phenomenal,” says Caillin Rodonets from CC RezQs Regina. “She is adapting to life inside a home, and is loving the idea of a bed specifically for dogs! She doesn’t seem to remember the seriousness of her injury, and wants to play much more than she is allowed to. Her foster family has fallen in love with her, and are very impressed by her willingness to return to normal life.”

Since they are concerned about pieces of broken vertebrae moving around, Arrow will have her wounds checked again on Monday, a full week after coming to the rescue. Another X-ray will take place a week after that.

“If those bone fragments have moved, we may be looking at surgery to correct the issue,” Rodonets tells PEOPLE. “If they haven’t, she will remain on kennel rest for another few weeks before receiving another X-ray then hopefully being cleared to resume normal activity!”

The pup won’t be available for adoption until she’s fully recovered. To help CC RezQs Regina care for Arrow and other pets in need, visit their GoFundMe page.

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