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Procrastination Alert! The Puppy Cam Is Back!

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Need a good dose of warm fuzzies today? We have some good news for you: The Puppy Cam is back!

But, reader beware, the Puppy Cam is a dangerous thing of bewitching cuteness. Stay too long, and you might fall in forever, your work obligations going unmet and your family going unfed.

This is the third time that the famous Shiba Inu from San Francisco has had a litter of puppies, and the third time that the furry babies and their every movements have been broadcast to the world to see.

The six pups are currently in various states – sleeping, nursing, snuggling or rolling –along with their mom. The whole family gets to hang out on top of a bed covered in a yellow rubber duckie print.

The cam has had over 26 million views so far – will you be watching?