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'PooPrints' DNA Test Traces Illicit Dog Droppings Back to Owner

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Whether you despise the lazy pet owners who shamelessly leave their dogs’ droppings on the street – or whether you’re one of them – be warned: There’s about to be a major crackdown.

According to The Washington Post, several cities across the country are asking pet owners to register their dogs and enroll them in a DNA-testing program. Why? So dog droppings that are carelessly left on the sidewalk can be traced back to the dog – then to the owner.

A Knoxville-based company called BioPetVet labs is producing the “PooPrints” testing kits, which are being used all in large urban areas like Chicago, Seattle, Miami and Los Angeles, where street poop accumulation is exacerbated by crowded populations.

As for the test, an inner cheek swab is administered to a tenant’s dog after he moves into a new building. The dog receives a number, which is added to a database. When the property managers spot rogue poops littering the area around the building, they can easily send a sample of the poop to a lab, where the culprit is identified in anywhere from 10 to 14 days.

Eric Mayer, the PooPrints Business Development Director, tells the Post that fines can reach more than $100.

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