Kate Hogan
February 05, 2009 08:58 PM

Though at first it may be strange to see a polydactyl feline with his own blog, fans of “Ike the Thumb Cat” can’t seem to get enough of the furry little guy who just happens to have a few extra toes.

Adopted from the ASPCA shelter in March of 2007 by New York City resident Lindsay, Ike, who’s now 5, “is like a little kid,” says roommate Liz Bartolomeo, who runs Ike’s blog. She got the idea for the site one morning in January when Ike was sitting next to her on the couch playing with her pen. “I thought it would be funny if he held the pen in his ‘thumb,’” Bartolomeo tells PEOPLE Pets. “I took a photo, which I sent to friends, and the response was along the lines of ‘That’s hilarious!’ It was at that point I knew Ike needed a blog.”

Since then, Bartolomeo has photographed Ike – whose big trick is opening cabinet doors – holding everything from BlackBerries and iPods to toothpaste and champagne glasses. “He is a very trusting kitty and has been a great model so far,” Bartolomeo shares. “He can really hold onto anything that comes within paw’s reach.”

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