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PHOTOS: A Girl & Her Bulldog Will Teach You About Family

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Photographer Rebecca Leimbach has two very special and very, very adorable muses: her 4-year-old daughter Harper and their 7-year-old English bulldog Lola.

Their on-camera partnership began when Harper was a baby. “Lola would always try to get in the frame, and I’d tell her to ‘beat it,’” Leimbach told Today.

But for Leimbach, it’s more than a perfect photo op.

Leimbach refers to infertility as the “struggle of my life.” All she wanted, after all, was a sibling for her daughter. “It weighed on me every time [in vitro fertilization] would fail,” she told Today.

But things fell into place when Harper hilariously dressed their dog in a pink tutu and tiara to match her own girly princess garb. “That’s when I realized, I’m not going to feel bad about not giving her a sibling,” she says.

Now, it looks like Harper has found the perfect (canine) playmate her mom always wanted for her creative only child. Leimbach adds, “Lola is filling a bit of that void.”

And just like that, besties were born – as was a photography project.