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PHOTO: This Hairless, Dwarf Rabbit Needs More Sunscreen Than You

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You think you get sunburnt easily?

Well clearly you’ve never met Delta-Mouse, a dwarf rabbit who began balding at birth and requires SPF 50 sunscreen to protect his skin.

When Delta-Mouse was born in owner Debbie Ikin’s home six weeks ago, everyone thought the tiny and hairless bunny was just the runt of the litter. But soon his condition prompted further investigation.

“I worried he wasn’t eating properly, but he was living and just looked a bit different, especially compared to other rabbits,” Ikin, who lives in Horwich, England, tells The Daily Mail.

Recently, a vet diagnosed Delta-Mouse with pituitary dwarfism, a condition that has only been found in German Shepherd dogs.

Though he is essentially healthy, the rabbit has bald patches on his head and feet, and very little fur on his body. But as far as he’s concerned, he’s just like every-bunny else.

As Ikin says, “He’s thriving and very spritely.”