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PHOTO: Oregon Zoo Baby Elephant Weighs in at 300 Lbs.

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Oh, baby: The Oregon Zoo’s newest addition is one big bundle of cute – literally.

Weighing in at 300 lbs., the zoo’s newborn female elephant is healthy and currently nursing, reports The Oregonian (which also shared this sweet shot).

Resident elephant Rose-Tu, 18, delivered the calf at 2:17 a.m. Friday after a little more than two hours of labor. During a veterinary check, zoo staff weighed her three times because they were so surprised by the Asian elephant’s girth. (These elephants normally lose some weight during their first week before gaining an average of 2 lbs. a day.)

By Saturday afternoon, she was still a little unsteady on her feet as she tried to understand her surroundings – and her trunk.

“It’s gonna take her a while to learn how to use her trunk,” Chris Pfefferkorn, zoo deputy director, tells The Oregonian. “She’s a pretty active little girl. She’s getting her sea legs underneath her.”

The zoo will likely launch a name-the-calf contest to select a moniker for the baby elephant.