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PHOTO: Mila Kunis's Sexy Kitten Pose

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Seated next to a fluffy feline, Mila Kunis looks kittenish as she models a sexy playsuit in September’s British Glamour. But if the laid-back actress had her way, she’d likely rather pose in her pajamas with her dogs Shorty and Audrey!

The Friends with Benefits star tells the magazine she likes to keep things simple, preferring to kick back at home with wine or a game of Grand Theft Auto over the Hollywood scene.

“I enjoy the simple things in life. My backyard. And if I wanna go out, I go out, but I don’t need to go to the hottest Hollywood club so people can see me,” she says. “I’m not a big attention-seeking person. I really don’t need that type of attention.”

Kunis may not like it, but her looks are definitely turning heads. Upon closer inspection you’ll notice her deep-set eyes are actually two different colors, brown and green (due to an eye condition, she says), almost like a certain sled dog.

“Now they’re both pretty green, but it’s not like they were ever one blue, one brown. I wasn’t quite a husky,” she jokes.

To read more of Kunis’s Glamour interview, including how she feels about the rumors that she’s dating her costar Justin Timberlake, click here.

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