Courtesy of Petsies
Kelli Bender
December 01, 2016 02:38 PM

Wishes are coming true, and it’s only the start of December!

The good people of Petsies are making it possible for you to cuddle up to your favorite animal Instagram star. The company makes handmade, custom stuffed animals of any pet, and it has just started churning out adorable plush versions of Marnie, Chloe the Mini Frenchie and more for you to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

Courtesy of Petsies

While we all want the real thing, being able to squeeze these adorable famous faces is the next best thing to snuggling the stars themselves.

Along with offering plush clones of the celeb pets, Petsies also has more merchandise, like shirts, hats and mugs.

Courtesy of Petsies

If the real star in your life is your own pet, you can get a stuffed animal version of them too. These plush pets are the perfect travel companion when you have to leave your best furry friend at home or a touching tribute to pets that have passed.

Courtesy of Petsies

Your pets should also see these stuffed stars as an inspiration. There is no reason your cat, dog, horse or any other critter can’t find fame as well. And if you manage to create a 100K+ following for your pet on social networks, Petsies will help you make a line of plush animals, so fans of your furry little star can get their own cuddly copy.

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