People Staff
June 23, 2009 10:41 PM

Not everyone appreciates the warm, slurpy goo that is dog drool–but no pet owner wants to hear that you don’t love their pooch’s licks as much as they do. And even worse, when it’s your friend’s dog trying to give you sloppy kisses, how can you tell the dog to back off, Buddy, without creating a paw-in-mouth moment?

We turned to Charlotte Reed, the author of Miss Fido Manners: Complete Book of Dog Etiquette, to help us out of this sticky situation. Her advice? Nip the problem in the bud–before Buddy, Fido or Rover even gets a chance to plant a big wet one on you.

Reed suggests calling the friend before you go over again and tactfully addressing the issue. “You need to be really, really kind, because it is a friend and you don’t want to ruin a friendship,” she says. “I would say, ‘I’m a little shy around dogs and I feel a little uncomfortable when I come over [and] your dog is always jumping on me. Would you mind having the dog on leash? Or can you show me how to teach him to sit?”

And approaching your pal gently ahead of time could avoid a touchy (and slobbery!) situation in person.

How would you handle this situation? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!

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