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Petiquette: How Much Should You Tip Your Dog Walker This Holiday?

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Dear Miss Fido Manners:

How much do I tip my dog walker and groomer this upcoming holiday season?

Dear Pet Tipster:

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? As much as we love all those big bows and pretty wrappings (not to mention the egg nog and a few candy canes too), sometimes it really just comes down to showing your appreciation with some cold, hard cash. Ultimately, tipping is a personal decision based on your budget and satisfaction with the quality of care your dog receives from his year-round service providers. And while it may be hard to really put a number on all the good love and attention that people give your pet, here are a couple of guidelines:

For your dog walker, one to two weeks’ salary, presented in cash in a holiday card will put a skip in their step. A tasteful or dog-themed picture frame, candle, hat or scarf is a great optional gift from your dog (he likes to shop, right?).

For your groomer, the price of one grooming session will show how much you appreciate their clippers. If you frequent a shop on a regular basis and a few staff members take part in your dog’s styling, give a group gift like a basket full of savories and sweets so that they can munch on it throughout the day at work. And always enclose a card with a handwritten message of appreciation – everyone enjoys being barked about once in a while.

Just remember, in these difficult economic times, whatever gift you give this holiday season will be appreciated.

Wishing you good tiding,

Miss Fido Manners

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