Courtesy Guiding Eyes For the Blind
Kelli Bender
May 10, 2017 09:30 AM

Gosh, do they grow up fast!

Murphy isn’t the roly-poly pup that we first met months ago. He has grown into a talented young man who is continuing to ace his guide dog training.

As part of Guiding Eyes for the Blind‘s training program, canine students participate in puppy swaps. This is where two trainees switch houses to live with another puppy raiser family for a few days.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes For the Blind

Murphy switched places with Palmer, a Guiding Eyes dog in Murphy’s class that is living with a Guiding Eyes staff member.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes For the Blind

In this new environment, our man Murphy encountered new smells, sounds and dog friends. He greeted all of them like a professional gentleman, keeping his cool in an unfamiliar place. He was even a good sport and put on bunny ears for the Easter holiday.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes For the Blind

This puppy swap isn’t just a good photo opportunity, it also helps boost the confidence of guide dog students, so that they feel comfortable doing their job anywhere, and it allows dogs to get comfortable with moving, in case their future owner relocates.

Courtesy Guiding Eyes For the Blind

Along with this sleepover, Murphy also had his first overnight at a hotel while visiting Bucknell University. He slept through the night and was a courteous canine guest.

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