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PEOPLE Pets Awards: The Best Viral Video Is ...

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A round of applause (or, ahem, appaws), please!

Not only has the owner of this adorable French bulldog somehow convinced her protesting pooch to go to sleep in his bed, but the pair are the winners of our first-ever PEOPLE Pets Awards viral video contest. You voted for this adorable puppy in our online poll – and we don’t blame you.

Because we realize that videos like this one (which we affectionately call: “French Bulldog Doesn’t Want to Go to Bed Yet, Mom!”) can be as important to our existence as say, water, we set out to honor the classics that made us laugh, aww or otherwise distracted us from important duties at hand (like laundry).

Want even more pets goodness? Pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, which celebrates the finest and furriest with the rest of the PEOPLE Pets Awards honorees.

The Adorable Runners-Up

We tirelessly culled through the world of box-loving cats and dogs who will do anything for a treat when the cameras are rolling (it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it), and, as you all decided with a vote, this French bulldog takes the cake – or, er, the nap – in the best way paw-ssible.

But there are four more viral video stars who deserve a bit of the spotlight, too. Check out the runners-up below:

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A Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos Off a Tiny Table

Dogs Mimic Crawling Baby

Adorably Disobedient Dog Jumps on Bed When You Leave, Cat Quietly Judges