Paris Hilton/Instagram
Kelli Bender
October 11, 2016 12:29 PM

Paris Hilton, reality star, DJ and famous owner of small and exotic pets, is welcoming a new animal into her mansion-shaped ark.

Hilton, 35, introduced her new puppy on Instagram and this black-and-brown baby is itty bitty. Were’s talking about a dog whose eyes are twice as large as its nose and whose head looks like something you would find on a Bratz doll.

“Meet the newest member to the @HiltonPets family. What should I name this lil cutie?” Hilton wrote in the photo post introducing the dog.

Lil cutie is right! This pup appears to be no bigger than a dinner roll. It only seems appropriate the moniker of this as yet unnamed yipper should be something that speaks to its small stature.


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Tiny Tim? Minnie Me? Ant Man?

Whatever your name turns out to be, good luck to you new Hilton pet, it’s a big world out there.

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