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Orphaned Baby Wombat Needs a Friend

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Wombats usually stay sheltered inside their mothers’ pouches until they weigh 6 lbs., but this little wombat, named Yogi, was found orphaned when he was just 2 lbs.

Yogi, aged 7½ months, was discovered by an alpaca on a field in Australia, where he had taken shelter after his mother was run over by a car. A friendly farmer found him and took Yogi to the Darraweit Guim Wildlife Shelter.

The alpaca had been “staring intently at something on the ground,” says Annie Williams of the wildlife shelter, which means the wombat had probably been trying to burrow into the ground.

Though he is receiving the care he needs, Yogi will have to make his own way out in the wild at some point, so the wildlife shelter hopes to find another wombat for Yogi so he can move forward in his development.

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