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Not-So-Special Delivery! Mailman Says Magic the Cat Attacks Him

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You’ve heard about dogs giving the mailman trouble – but what about cats? A mail carrier in Somerset, England, has scurried away in fear of one feisty feline named Magic.

The 3-year-old house cat is accused of attacking his local mailman during daily deliveries. In a complaint from the Royal Mail, Magic allegedly leaps out of his cat-flap once he hears mail drop through the home’s letterbox, and attacks the postman on the spot.

But according to Magic’s mom, Sam Enan-McKinnon, that’s impossible.

“I told them my cat wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Enan-McKinnon told the U.K.’s Telegraph. Shocked and surprised that her pet could cause so much trouble, Enan-McKinnon said, “We carried out an experiment where the man from Royal Mail pretended to post something, but Magic didn’t do anything at all.”

The postal service says that Magic was aggressive on three separate occasions, when local delivery manager Peter Floyd visited the couple’s home. They have demanded that Enan-McKinnon and her husband address the situation immediately, or risk losing mail delivery to their home indefinitely. But preventing the cat from going outside, isn’t an option, Enan-McKinnon says.

“Their solution is for us to block the cat-flap,” she adds. “But I’m a nurse and work odd hours. We can’t leave Magic locked in the house all day.”

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