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Celeb Pets

Nicole Richie’s Pampered Pet Chicken May Have Welcomed Soon-to-Be Spoiled Babies

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Source: Nicole Richie/Instagram

Nicole Richie likes the finer things in life … for her chickens.

The multi hyphenate has always been open about the deep love she has for her birds, which she reportedly “begged” husband Joel Madden to get her.

According to InStyle, Richie’s feathered friends have their own garden boxes filled with vegetables just for them. (Their celebrity mom felt this was a fair trade, since the animals allow her family to eat their eggs.)

Source: Nicole Richie/Instagram

But not all the eggs the chickens produce are for eating: At least one of the precious pets recently hatched some little chicks of her own based on Richie’s Instagram story.

Source: Nicole Richie/Instagram

On Wednesday, Richie posted several shots of her family members holding the baby chicks, a.k.a. “the new Maddens.” Better stock up on those veggies!