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Nashville Cat Named Thomas Jefferson Rescued from Drain Pipe on Election Day

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Nashville Fire Dept.

Thomas Jefferson was granted independence on Election Day, from a most unusual place: a dirty old drain pipe in Nashville.

The cat — who, believe it or not, was named for our country’s third president long before voters hit the polls on Tuesday — was saved by firefighters after slipping into a rain gutter, falling three stories and getting stuck, according to a Twitter post from the Nashville Fire Department.

“Cat’s name: Thomas Jefferson. Not joking. Owner is J. Kline, president of Watkins College,” reads one of the Twitter posts which chronicles the rescue that took place near 3823 Gallatin Pike.

Nashville Fire Department spokesman Brian Haas told The Tennessean, who reported the story, that when crews arrived at the scene, an area with luxury condos, they found the miserable kitty meowing in the underground pipe.

“The end of the drain pipe was a bit crushed so the cat couldn’t get out,” he said. “We had to go in and dig the pipe out so we could get the cat out.”

After the 20 minute rescue, Thomas’s owner had some choice words for Thomas Jefferson.

“First words to his cat: ‘What were you thinking?’ ” a Twitter post said.