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Miranda Cosgrove's 14-Year-Old Poodle Dies

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Miranda Cosgrove has lost an old friend.

The iCarly star’s beloved dog Pearl died this weekend. The toy poodle was 14 years old.

“My dog, Pearl, passed away today,” Cosgrove, 19, Tweeted Sunday. “She was there on my first day of kindergarten and my first day of college. I’ll love her forever.”

In 2008, the already-senior dog appeared with Cosgrove in a PEOPLE interview. The star described the way her sweet pooch greeted her after a day of work.

“I love getting to come home from work and see her there,” Cosgrove said. “I run up to her and she’s always excited to see me.”

Three years later, the actress decided not to bring Pearl on tour. “She’s very old and I wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle touring life,” she said. “[My dad] said that she’s been waiting on our couch and looking out the window for the last few nights. I miss her.”

On Monday, Cosgrove Tweeted her gratitude to sympathetic fans.

“Thanks so much for all the nice messages!” she wrote. “I’m so sorry for all the other people who have lost their pets. ?#greatmemoriesliveonforever :)”

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