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Michelle Obama & Bo Take an Official Portrait in the White House Vegetable Garden

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Presidential approval ratings may rise and fall, but there’s one resident of the White House who’ll always be beloved: Bo. When it came time to take a picture to send to children who write letters to the Obamas, there was little doubt the First Dog should be included in the shot.

“One of the reasons we did this picture is because we get so many letters from kids, mostly, who – they want to hear about the garden, they want to see it, and they also want to see Bo,” First Lady Michelle Obama said in her remarks at the women’s online outlets roundtable on Let’s Move! and Motherhood at the White House on Monday. “Bo is really the most popular.”

The Portuguese water dog, now 4 years old, has been a fixture in the White House since he arrived, and whether he’s playing soccer on the lawn, eating broccoli or fetching tennis balls, Bo has seemed to intrinsically support the First Lady’s initiative to get children to eat healthy and get active.

“We’ve heard so many great stories from kids who’ve been inspired and doing things like changing the way their families do things,” Obama said. “Those letters are always just a joy to get. So we want to have something a little more tangible than just a letter to give to kids, because often it’s the visual thing that makes it real.”

As for taking the picture itself, it was a breeze for Bo, who was able to give White House photographer Lawrence Jackson the shot in just “three clicks.” It’s no surprise, given that Bo has by now been photographed thousands of times – and has the diva streak to show for it.

“It was like a hundred degrees out there,” Obama recalled, “so he was sitting in the sun just going, ‘Hey, am I done?’”

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