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Kelli Bender
October 21, 2016 12:25 PM

Good grief! Just when you think you know someone they go and do something like this.

After a three-decade-long relationship, U.S. insurance giant MetLife has decided to drop its relationship with Snoopy and the other Peanuts characters.

According to the New York Times, MetLife chose to retire America’s beloved beagle in order to pursue a new direction and corporate appearance that is more suitable for international competition.

But Snoopy doesn’t need to big insurance to get by. While he has been living a comfortable life of blimps and ball parks since 1985, the pooch still has a variety of skills he can use for a new career.

To help him out with his job hunt, we’ve put together five possible opportunities for this hard-working dog:

Fitness Instructor

With sweat-powered spots like SoulCycle and CrossFit alive and well in our county, there’s no reason Snoopy can’t channel his youthful nature into a new exercise fad. We’re think group dance classes that focus on toe work and are always accompanied by live piano music.

Stunt Pilot

After years of the work in the niche market of blimp navigation, and a notable history battling the Red Baron, Snoopy has the skills, swagger and fearlessness necessary for performing flight work for action movies and air shows.

Fashion Designer 

For someone who is often nude, Snoopy has an eye for style. Give him a drape and a dream and he can turn it into something fabulous. It should be simple enough for the talented beagle to spin these gifts into a successful business, and perhaps a Tim Gunn-esque reality gig.


Vegas’s first dog magician could go from ridiculous pipe dream to reality if Snoopy is willing to dust off the wizard’s hat and brush up on the recent upgrades to invisibility spells.

Easter Beagle

Belief in the Easter Bunny has always been shaky at best. But the Easter Beagle? Now there is a fantastic creature than has been caught on camera reveling in his own giving ways! It would be easy enough for Snoopy to pick up the role again — it only requires him to work one day each year. Seem like a good gig, though MetLife probably offered better benefits.


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