People Staff
August 02, 2014 11:15 AM

What do you get when you cross a sheep and a goat? (This isn’t a trick question.)

Meet Butterfly, the “geep.” She’s the offspring of a female sheep named Momma and a male pygmy goat named Michael, and she was born at’s facility in Arizona.

“We were not even aware that [Momma] was pregnant because we don’t have a male [sheep],” Priscilla Motola, owner of the petting zoo, told of the surprise arrival, which is believed to have happened on Sunday.

As it turns out, Momma and Michael mated and along came Butterfly, a rare hybrid. According to, most pregnancies of this nature are never carried to term.

In April, a farmer in Ireland welcomed to his fold a fast-running geep he described to the BBC as “unbelievable.”

In Arizona, one of Motola’s three sons named the animal Butterfly because she “had so many colors,” she explained, adding that the little one has goat feet and a goat face, but a wooly coat like her mom.

So far, Butterfly is flying high and is seemingly healthy and happy. “She’s very active, she’s very friendly,” Motola said.

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