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December 06, 2011 09:00 PM

He looks like your average cat, but Sebastian’s X-rays tell a different story.

In August, the 1-year-old feline, who’s being called a bionic cat, fell from the window of a fourth-floor apartment in England. Since, he has miraculously recovered from shattered bones in three of his legs and severe injuries to his chest and lungs.

“Sebastian was lucky to survive the fall,” veterinarian Darran Jennings told the Birmingham Mail. “He was in a dreadful state after the accident.”

The kitty somehow slipped out of the window in owner Karen Toots’s apartment without her knowing it, and was taken to the RSPCA by a good Samaritan who spotted him struggling to breathe on the sidewalk.

When Toots finally tracked her pet down, his appearance was deceiving. “He didn’t look too bad, if a little drugged up,” she said. “But I cried non-stop when they told me how bad his injuries were. We thought he might not survive.”

A long course of treatments and surgeries followed (at a cost of nearly $ 10,000, which Toots’s pet insurance paid for), and somehow, Sebastian pulled through. Now, thanks to metal supports in his back legs, the cat looks and seems to feel good as new.

“He’s back to his old self, running and jumping around with his brother, Syler,” says Toots. “And the window’s firmly shut now.”

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