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Mayim Bialik Forgets Her Pain – with Help from Her Cat

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Despite being injured in a car accident last week, Mayim Bialik hasn’t been totally sidelined.

And a little credit goes to her cat.

The Emmy-nominated Big Bang Theory actress, 36, sustained serious damage to her right hand after the crash, but according to a new entry on, Bialik feels all better – sometimes.

In the short post, titled “Mayim’s Cat to the Rescue,” she writes, “This is what makes me forget my pain: My cat Esau sticking his tongue out at me.”

Esau is a 9-year-old peterbald cat that Bialik considers another son, so it’s no wonder he has such a powerful effect on her.

“He is part baby, part monkey and part cat,” she told PEOPLE last year. “He will jump from the ground into your arms. He’s very affectionate.”

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