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Mariah Carey Welcomes Two New Puppies

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Nick Cannon says that among his brood of Jack Russell terriers –Jay Jay, Cha Cha, Dolomite and Jackie Lambchops –the one most like Mariah Carey is Cha Cha. The “diva” pooch proved him right this month when she gave birth to two puppies; Carey is pregnant and expecting twins of her own.

“Breaking news!!! Cha Cha gives birth!!!” Carey tweeted on Feb. 5. “Twin girls!!! Details + puppy photos to follow.”

Earlier today, Carey posted an update, including a name for one of the puppies and a photo. “Jill E. Beans opens her eyes for the 1st time!!!!!” she wrote. “C’mon! You know she looks like Jack!”

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