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Man Comes Out with Help from His Dog: VIDEO

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After realizing one day that he was ready to come out, Ivan Cruz knew what he had to do; he just didn’t know how to do it.

That’s where Thor, his dog, came in.

Turning to his best friend for inspiration, Cruz created a YouTube video from the perspective of his beloved dachshund. In it, Thor shares his undying devotion to his human and ponders what it means to be gay after a pit bull at a dog park uses the word to identify his best friend.

“So I went home and looked it up online,” reads text that flashes across the screen. “At first, I did not understand, and I was pretty confused.”

Learning that what the pit bull said made his human sad, Thor tries to cheer up Cruz with his favorite toys. When that doesn’t work, he simply asks his human why he had never been honest with him before.

“I wasn’t ready. I was so scared. I was afraid I would lose you,” reads the text, now from the mind of Cruz. Thor responds, “You can’t lose me silly. I’m right here.”

The 6-plus-minute video continues with Cruz explaining to Thor his coming to terms with his sexuality and how after coming clean, his mother and friends embraced him, a positive reaction that not everyone is blessed with. The video concludes with Thor saying, “I love him more than treats.”