GVA Departamento de Salud de Elda/Facebook
Kelli Bender
September 06, 2016 03:44 PM

Dogs continue to prove they are better than any best friend we can dream up.

According to UPI, an Akita Inu dog named Maya spent six days waiting outside the doors of a hospital in Alicante, Spain, for her owner who was recovering from surgery inside.

Maya and her owner, Sandra Iniesta, ended up at the hospital after Iniesta’s appendix burst while traveling home to Barcelona from vacation with her father and loyal pet. Iniesta was taken to Elda Hospital for emergency surgery to remove her appendix.

With nowhere else to go, and worried sick herself, Maya stayed outside the hospital and waited until Iniesta was well again. The hospital’s staff cared for the 2-year-old dog and posted photos of the pup to Facebook, turning Maya into a social media celebrity.

After sitting patiently for six days, Maya got what she was waiting for: a reunion with her healthy and happy owner. The meeting was something that Iniesta was looking forward to as well.

“She just did what she does at home in Barcelona, which is wait at the door of a place until I return. After days of not seeing my girl Maya, the kiss and happiness at seeing me and me her is priceless,” the 22-year-old owner wrote on Twitter after being released from the hospital. 

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