Kevin Scott Ramos/Guinness World Records 2018/AP
Kelli Bender
September 08, 2017 04:02 PM

It’s raining record-holding cats in Michigan!

On Thursday, Guinness World Records released the 63rd edition of its famous book of feats and firsts. Among the new honorees are two Michigan meowers. The World’s Tallest Cat,  Arcturus, lives in the same Southfield home as this other fluffy record holder and has a 19-in. body.

Cygnus, Arcturus’ roomie, is officially the domestic cat with the longest tail, carrying around a feather duster-like appendage that measures 17.58  inches.

According to the Associated Press, you can find this kitty in the pages of Guinness’ new book along with the World’s Oldest Bodybuilder, an 83-year-old from Los Angeles, and a woman who has natural eyelashes that are nearly 5-in. long.

Don’t expect young Cygnus to get ousted from the top spot any time soon. He is still growing, which means that tail is only going to get bigger.

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