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Exotic Pets

Local Florida Gator Dresses Up for Halloween

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We’ve previously introduced you to Gwendolyn — Coconut Grove, Florida, resident David Van Buren’s pet gator.

Now we get to show you how Gwen does Halloween.

“In style” is the answer, apparently. Van Buren decked Gwendolyn out in some sweet shades and an enormous purple top hat. He told WSVN that it’s her favorite holiday, largely because of the treats she gets. (Van Buren’s also been known to feed Gwendolyn pizza and Chips Ahoy cookies.)

Sadly, Gwen’s Halloween update did not include any news of the battle Van Buren, a retired firefighter, is waging to keep his pet of 47 years. Florida Fish and Wildlife was reportedly “working with Mr. Van Buren toward a lawful solution regarding the caging and license requirements for the alligator,” the agency told Inside Edition in July.

Have they even seen her in shades? Come on, it’s an open-and-shut case.