Kelli Bender
September 14, 2015 02:12 PM

It’s almost the weekend, my fellow animal lovers. 

To help you coast through those last crucial moments, I a have surprise. Well, actually, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo has a surprise for you. The Syracuse, New York, zoo debuted a pair of red panda cubs on Thursday. 

The twins, Pumori and Rohan, were born on June 25, reports For the first ten days after their birth, the zoo had a “hands off” policy, letting first-time mom Tabei do all the nurturing. Now that workers have had a chance to cozy up to the duo, they can happily report that both babies are healthy and that each weighs about a pound. 

Kevin Rivoli/The Syracuse Newspapers/AP

These are also the first children for dad Ketu, both he and Tabei came to Rosamond Gifford from New Zealand. Pumori and Rohan are now on public display at the zoo. For those who can’t fit a trip to Syracuse into their weekend, you can ogle the cuties right here. 

Kevin Rivoli/The Syracuse Newspapers/AP

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