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Let These 5 Animals Brighten Your Blue Monday

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We’re nearly a week past New Year’s Day, but there’s another day of importance lurking just after the start of 2014: Blue Monday, or in this instance, January 6, deemed to be the most depressing day of the year as it marks the return to work after the holidays.

Researchers found that Tweets at this time of the month were more likely to express guilt about giving up their New Year’s resolutions, while drinks company Upbeat found complaints about the weather were also likely to increase.

But despite the odds not being in our favor, we’ve found a surefire way to beat the dread that allegedly accompanies this day: Pets! And below, we share that strategy with you.

Instead of being sad, why not face the day having the same level of enthusiasm with which this dog does everything?

I missed my cakeday yesterday... But I still want to share my favorite Cat DJ gif.
A good song can always lift your spirits.

As can a handsome man and his morning cuddle with his canine pal.

Procrastinating as I study for finals...found a gif of a cat being a mop
Or maybe some spring cleaning will help you feel organized.

As of today, I've been with you lovely people for 2 whole years! Here's a cute puppy/kitty gif for you all.
But if all else fails, there’s nothing more effective than a hug.

There, see? All better.