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Kristin Chenoweth's Dog Is on the Mend After Health Scare

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If there’s one thing we know for sure about Kristin Chenoweth, it’s that she loves her Maltese, Maddie. The petite pooch goes everywhere with the actress, and inspired her to create Maddie’s Corner, a charity that benefits shelter pets.

Being the devoted pet owner she is, Chenoweth was shaken up when Maddie began throwing up on Saturday.

“Everyone please pray for Maddie,” Chenoweth asked her Twitter followers. “Rushing her to the doggie hospital.”

Bloodwork showed that Maddie had pancreatitis, according to Chenoweth’s Twitter page. “Not great. Not horrible. We will be here a while getting meds and fluids.” Once home, Chenoweth updated saying she and Maddie were tired. “She is gonna be ok. Lots of rest and a watchful eye for her.”

While on The Ellen Show on Wednesday, Chenoweth said the likely culprit for Maddie’s pancreatitis was a toy monkey head that she might have swallowed. Chenoweth shared a photo of a sleeping Maddie, happy with a new fuzzy toy to replace the now headless monkey.

Chenoweth received messages from many of her fans over the days, including one from talk show host Wendy Williams. Chenoweth said she had “been a wreck all day. You know how it is with our babies.”

On Tuesday, Maddie’s condition had improved enough so that she could travel with Chenoweth to New York. She even felt well enough to get back to eating. “She ate pieces of a paper towel today,” Chenoweth Tweeted. “Really Maddie?”

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