Amy Jamieson
April 25, 2012 05:25 PM

Jack isn’t the only Osbourne celebrating the arrival of a new family member – his sister Kelly is now the proud Momma of a new pooch!

“I got a new dog that I rescued, she’s a pom that was pretty much kept in a cage for the past year!” Kelly wrote on Twitter on Wednesday as she waited for the dog to arrive at her home. “I can’t wait to meet her & make her happy!”

The reality star is already head over heels for the caramel-colored Pom, who joins her other dog, black Pomeranian Sid.

“This is Story my dog that I rescued!” she said, sharing a headshot of the new pooch. “She will be the greatest love story of all time!”

Sid seems to be enjoying the new friend, too – maybe a little too much.

“Sid won’t stop trying to hump Story!” she said, posting a photo of the dog lounging in bed. “Look how sexy he is trying to be for her!”

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