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Kara DioGuardi Kisses Her Dog – on the Mouth!

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Kara DioGuardi’s dog, Tiki, doesn’t have any musical instincts, but she does have her own way of getting Mom’s attention.

“She is so cute when you first come in,” DioGuardi tells PEOPLE Pets. “She kind of yells if you don’t pay attention to her. ‘Excuse me! Hello! I need constant kisses right now!’”

The Platinum Hit judge, who helped crown the winner of the Folgers Jingle Contest last week, adores her 7-year-old pooch – and she isn’t afraid to show it.

“I let her kiss me on the mouth,” DioGuardi says. “My friends are like, “Ew! Disgusting!’ Every time I say, ‘Mommy kisses,’ she gives me kisses. She starts off by giving a lot and when she’s had enough, she just gives one.”

Mommy kisses are just the beginning when it comes to DioGuardi’s relationship with her “little lady.”

“I let her drink out of my glass,” DioGuardi says. Would she go back and drink from the same glass? “If I was really thirsty – maybe.”

Tiki, who is currently relaxing in Maine with DioGuardi’s husband, Mike McCuddy, loves her summer home, but is a city dog at heart.

“If she’s on the streets of New York, she’s very happy,” she says. “She hates L.A.; she gets depressed in L.A. In New York, she cannot wait to get on the leash and walk. She doesn’t care that she’s 3 lbs. and everything could crush her.”

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